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[email protected]
180 Varick Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10014
United States

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Innovative high quality science -- check.  Unbeatable leadership team -- check.  Ready for partnership or fund raising -- check.

When start-up companies reach this crossroad, getting potential partners and investors to see your company value is critical. BUT, perception is everything. How do you know potential partners and investors value your company the same way you do? One way to know is to understand what they consider hot button issues.

Come join Boehringer Ingelheim for a panel discussion with some of BI's senior level executives in R&D, Medicine, Marketing, Business Development, Patents, and Venture Fund to find out more about what makes a company attractive from both collaboration and investment perspectives.


During this session, topics will include:

  • what should a Data Package include;
  • what would each of our panelists like to see more of, less of or not see at all;
  • what are the critical topics in the decision-making process that drive a go/no go decision to partner or invest


Panel speakers:

  • Martin Heidecker -- US Head, BI Venture Fund
  • Cyrille Kuhn -- US Head, Research Beyond Borders
  • Ioannis Sapountzis -- US Head, Business Development & Licensing
  • Kremena Simitchieva -- US Head, Pipeline Marketing
  • Sudha Visvanathan - Executive Director, Translational Medicine & Biomarker Expert Group
  • Paula Wittmayer - Executive Director, Legal; Patents

Moderator: Monica Cheng - Business Development