Entrepreneurial Lab NYC
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Columbia University
500 W 120th Street, Mudd Room, 343
New York, NY 10027
United States

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Are you working on a game changing technology, therapeutic, device, or diagnostic to improve patient outcomes? Entrepreneurship Lab for the Health & Life Sciences (ELab) is NYC’s premier accelerator to help you build your company. As a unique program for startups focused in all things Health and Life Sciences, ELab offers the best coaching, mentoring, and connections that the City of New York has to offer.


Why should you apply?

  1. ELab is exclusive. You will be in a cohort of just 20 startups, from the premier institutions in NYC. You will join an amazing well-connected alumni community.
  2. ELab is independent. You don’t need to worry about conflicts of interest or equity dilution. ELab does not take an equity stake in its startups, Mentors are vetted and networking engagements are managed to ensure your start up is fairly treated.
  3. ELab is connected. You will meet incredible executives from over 20 top Corporate supporters, from big pharma to nationally ranked law firms, to major accounting firms, hospitals, major academic institutions, foundations and government.
  4. ELab is accessible. You will attend trainings, networking events, and pitch days in the fastest growing life science cluster in the US: NYC.
  5. ELab provides great tools. You will gain access to an incredible wealth of in-kind resources, knowledge and expertise!

Attend the CUMC Information Session to greatly boost your odds of being accepted into the program.


Who should attend: some or all of your team members, are welcome to represent your idea or startup. You should apply if you have a great idea in the works and have intention of starting a company within the next year.


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ELab is funded by the New York City Economic Development Corporation. Since ELab started 6 years ago, companies have raised over $250m in funding, and spun out over 115 entrepreneurial companies including Jibon Health, Kures, Cathecare, Savvy Cooperative, NY Protein Biologics, InVivo Analytics, Brain FUS. For more information please visit www.ELabNYC.com

Applications are due October 22nd 2018.


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