Q. Are the interns paid? How much?
A. Interns must be paid a minimum of $15/hour.

Q. What work will the interns do?
A. Students will perform meaningful, educational work in the life sciences field. Specific job responsibilities will vary by host and position.

Q. What are the time requirements of the program?
A. Students are expected to work 10 weeks for at least 30 hours/week.

Q. What are the dates of the program?
A. We are anticipating that students will start working on June 4, 2018, and will continue for 10 weeks through August 10th, as mutually determined by the student and host.

Q. Can interns work from home?
A. No. Hosts must have office space. Co-working spaces are acceptable but home offices and virtual working arrangements are not acceptable.

For Students

Q. What are the eligibility requirements for students?
A. Following are eligibility requirements for students.

  • Students must be currently enrolled in New York City-based colleges or universities or must be New York City residents currently enrolled in any college or university.
  • Students must be US citizens or US permanent residents (including DACA participants), or holders of visas that allow completion of the internship without sponsorship.
  • Students must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Students should have a cumulative 3.0 GPA. Students with a GPA under 3.0 can apply but must request an exemption from the GPA requirement and write an explanation of extenuating circumstances for their GPA.
  • Participants of the LifeSci NYC Internship Program may not take classes or hold other jobs for the duration of the program, must commit to the work requirements of their host-site, and are expected to attend and actively engage in all scheduled seminars, events, and activities, and remain active as program alumni.
  • Students must agree to all terms and conditions and sign the student agreement to participate.
Q: If I only have an F1 Visa, am I eligible to apply?
A: The program requires that you are either a US citizen, a permanent resident (holder of a green card), a DACA recipient, or have a visa that allows you to complete the internship without sponsorship. If you are unsure, check with Career Services at your school or with an immigration expert to find out what is required in order for an F-1 visa holder to work without sponsorship. You can look into CPT or OPT authorizations for the F-1 to allow off-campus work. (The website has more information.) Note that you must have a Social Security Number (SSN) in order to be able to work.
Q: I have no Social Security Number. Am I eligible to apply?
A: You must have a Social Security Number (SSN) in order to be able to work in a LifeSci NYC Internship. If you are legally eligible to work in the United States, but do not have a SSN, inquire at your college’s Career Services department for guidance on how to apply for one.
Q: Are high achieving high school students eligible to apply?
A: The program is currently only open to college students, graduate students and post-docs. We are considering expanding the program to high school students in future years. At this time, we recommend you look into the NYC Science Research Mentoring Consortium ( and other STEM programs for high school students.
Q: I am transferring to a college in NYC at a later date. May I apply?
A: You must be enrolled in a NYC college by the time you would begin the internship. Therefore, as long as you are enrolled in an NYC college by Spring 2018, you are eligible to apply. If all of your transcripts and other materials reflect a prior non-NYC college, please submit verification from your NYC college that you are now or will be enrolled there.

Q. Am I guaranteed a placement?
A. No. Students will be placed on a rolling basis.

Q. Can I apply as a freshman? Can graduate students apply? Can I apply if I am a graduating senior?
A. Yes. All students are welcome to apply, but please note that preference will be given to undergraduate students who are rising juniors or seniors at the time of application (For summer 2018, graduation prior to Spring 2020) or graduate students. Rising sophomores can apply but must demonstrate a maturity showing that they will benefit from the program and properly represent the program. Graduating seniors or alumni who have graduated within the past year can also apply but must demonstrate that they will follow through with their commitment to the program and not withdraw if they get a full time job offer.

Q. Do I need to be a life sciences major to apply?
A. No. Preference will be given for academic majors in the STEM disciplines (e.g. Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biomedical Engineering, etc.) and business-related disciplines (e.g. Business, Management, Finance, Economics, Statistics, Supply Chain Management, Marketing, Industrial Engineering, etc.) who demonstrate interest in the life sciences.

Q. What is expected of me during the internship?
A. The LifeSci NYC internship program expects that interns will properly represent the LifeSci NYC internship program. This includes showing up to work on time and properly dressed, diligently and professionally completing all work assignments, and completing all weeks of the internship as agreed with the host organization. It is also expected that all interns will attend all training, curriculum, and other events organized by the program.

Q. What happens if I opt out after accepting a placement?
A. Should any students opt out of internship after receiving or accepting an offer, they will not be eligible for alternate placement and will be reported to their university’s career services.

Q: What if I need extra time (beyond the 7 days after submitting the application) to have my references submitted?
A: You will not be penalized if your references arrive within a reasonable time frame beyond the 7 days requested. However, we need to have your references in order to consider your application complete. Please let us know if you would like more time to submit your references.
Q: Do my references have to be science professors?
A: While references that can speak to your skills in life science are extremely helpful to us in evaluating your application, we understand that not all applicants can provide references like this. If this is the case for you, please submit references that can speak to your interest in the life sciences, demonstrating work ethic, initiative, creativity, related skills, and/or other skills that are relevant to the interest that you have indicated in your application (for example, if you are applying for the management track with an interest in marketing, a reference that can speak to your skills in that area is ideal). References can be from professors, academic advisors, work supervisors, or personal references— just not from family members or friends.

Q: I am in my first semester/year of college/graduate school, or I have just transferred to my current school. What do I submit as a transcript?
A: Please submit a transcript from your current school, if available. If you have no transcript or if you have transferred, please submit a transcript from your previous school as well. Graduate students who have only recently begun graduate school should include their undergraduate transcript.

Q: I have begun my application and saved my work so far. Now I am having difficulty reopening my application to continue and make changes.
A: Any application that has been initiated and saved should be saved in the system. If you are having difficulty returning to your started application, try logging out of the application and, closing the page and logging back in. If that does not solve the problem, try shutting down your computer and restarting.
Q: I have submitted my application and my reference has sent in my recommendation. When can I expect to hear from the program?
A: The process of matching students and hosts is rolling, and will continue through Spring. LifeSci NYC may notify students as early as late January (or any time thereafter) that they are being proposed as a candidate for a specific internship role with a host company. At that point, the host company will coordinate with the student to facilitate its own selection process, which may include an interview. Students who are not selected by that host company may be contacted by LifeSci NYC again later in the process for consideration by another host company. Beginning in late January, some students may also be notified if it is determined that they are not a good fit for the program.
Q: Can I update my application after I have submitted it?
A: Yes. While we urge students to proofread their applications carefully so that they will not need to make non-substantive updates, we do encourage applicants to update items that can add greater perspective for LifeSci NYC as we score their applications. One example of a useful update is providing an updated transcript, especially for students in the early years of a program, for whom an earlier transcript may show only a limited number of graded classes. If you update your application, however, it is very important that you email us at [email protected] to inform us of the update.

Q: How can I prepare for the interview?
A: Please look at our Interview Preparation Guide and watch our video featuring Cindy Anzel, Associate Vice President, HR & Operations at New York Stem Cell Research Foundation.


For Hosts

Q. What are the eligibility requirements for hosts?

  • Hosts must be located in New York City or within commuting distance in New York State.
  • Hosts must have office space. Co-working spaces are acceptable but home offices and virtual working arrangements are not acceptable.
  • Hosts must assign a supervisor for each student, whose responsibilities include supervising students, assessing student progress, and addressing problems students may encounter on the job.
  • Hosts must provide students with a work experience commensurate with students’ capabilities that conforms with the 10-12 week duration of the internship and provide supplies, equipment, and services necessary for the work experience.
  • Hosts must submit an evaluation report for each student at least once within 2 weeks of the conclusion of the summer internship.
  • Hosts must agree to serve as the employer of record for the interns, follow all local, state and federal employment and other laws, provide a safe, healthy and hazard-free environment in which students will work, and pay the employees a minimum of $15/hour. Any overtime hours are the hosts’ responsibility.
  • Hosts will be required to comply with all terms and conditions and sign the full host agreement to participate.

Q. Are the interns employees of my company?
A. Yes. Interns will be W-2 employees (not contractors) of your company and you will serve as the employer of record for the interns for the duration of the internship. All applicable payroll taxes and costs (such as workers’ comp and unemployment insurance) must be paid by you.

Q. Can I host more than one intern?
A. Yes. There is no limit to the number of interns you can host, although the LifeSci NYC internship program might set a limit of the number of subsidies that one company or organization can receive.

Q. What experience do the interns have?
A. The LifeSci NYC internship program is designed to give work experience to New York City college students, many of whom have not previously had jobs in industry. The students are being selected based on their interest in the field and relevant academic experience.

Q. Do I need to interview students?
A. No. If you prefer, the LifeSci NYC internship program can select an appropriate student for you.

Q. Do I need to check students’ work eligibility?
A. Yes. The LifeSci NYC internship program will be screening students to ensure they meet the program’s criteria but as employer of record, you will need to check their employment eligibility and have them complete an I-9, as you would for any employee.

Q. How do I get reimbursed by the program subsidy?
A. Unfunded startups and small businesses and nonprofits can apply to receive subsidy funds from New York City to offset student salaries for $15/hour for up to 40 hours/week for 10 weeks. If approved, we will let you know the process for hiring students and receiving subsidy funds. Note that the LifeSci NYC internship program will not be reimbursing companies for students who work more than the agreed upon total number of hours or if they work overtime hours of more than 40 hours in any week. It will be the hosts’ responsibility to ensure that students do not work too many hours.