The growth of New York City’s life sciences industry depends on attracting and retaining a steady stream of qualified talent to start companies and fill essential roles, especially as New York City’s $500 million investment is projected to create 16,000 high-paying jobs in the industry. Thus, the City has a vested interest in preparing a diverse range of New York City students for careers in the life sciences sector.

However, despite the city having a large number of STEM students studying life sciences fields, there are neither clear pathways nor an awareness of opportunities for students to pursue careers in the industry within New York City. The majority of life sciences students in New York City have not had the learning benefit of working in a life science company or business prior to graduation from college.

The LifeSci NYC internship program is designed to ensure both the success of the life sciences industry in New York City and the employability of New York City college students majoring in the life sciences and in support functions (management, finance, accounting, legal, IT, and others) connected to the life sciences. With the vast majority of New York City college students remaining in New York City after graduation, it’s important to prepare STEM students for high-paying career opportunities while ensuring a pipeline of talent for industry.

The program will provide quality internships for college and graduate students, while offering curriculum and training support with refined “hard” skills in the sciences and “soft” skills of professional and personal development. Additionally, it will convene a working group of academic and industry partners to problem-solve around the gap between student preparedness and industry needs. This will strengthen the internship program in the short term, while creating a feedback loop to enable industry to help shape academic curricula so students develop skills necessary for industry careers.

Program Vision

New York City’s diverse talent pool drives life sciences industry growth, and a robust life sciences sector informs and fuels the education of New York City’s students, preparing them for successful careers in the industry

Program Objectives

  • Assemble a cohort of participating interns that reflects the diversity of New York City university students with a special focus on students from disadvantaged communities and economic backgrounds
  • Work with New York City life sciences industry partners to develop relevant and attractive experiences in New York City’s industry, including frameworks, resources, and structured activities to expand, diversify, and cultivate emerging talent pool
  • Position New York City’s life sciences industry as a valued partner to the university community to identify student career development needs, share resources and information to support field work/career experiences, inform short- and long-term program outcomes, and disseminate program learnings to make internships scalable and sustainable
  • Attract and prepare a diverse range of New York City students for careers in the life sciences sector to ensure that the sector has a wealth of talent to fill the industry demand for good quality jobs.

Key Dates

  • December 2017 - Applications open for students and hosts
  • December 2017 - May 2018 (or until complete) - Rolling selection and placement of students with hosts
  • December 31, 2017 - Early application deadline for students
  • April 30, 2018 - Application deadline for students. (Note that placements are on a rolling basis. Applying early increases your chances of securing an internship).
  • May 29- June 1, 2018 - Pre-internship training
  • June 4 – August 10, 2018 - Internship period

Evaluation Criteria

The LifeSci NYC internship program will evaluate students based on the following criteria:

  • Interest in career in life sciences, as demonstrated through personal statement, reference letter, academic transcript, and video (40 points)
  • Personal and professional maturity and integrity, as demonstrated through personal statement, references, extracurricular activities, video, prior professional experience (40 points)
  • Technical skills currently possessed or desired to learn in internship (20 points)

Application / Placement Process

  • After students apply for the program, they will be scored based on the evaluation criteria (see above)
  • As hosts post internship positions, we will select 3–5 applications of top-ranked students who are a fit for the role
  • After checking with the students to make sure they are interested in the role, we will provide the applications to the host, who will choose students to interview and conduct interviews
  • Hosts will select their top choice student(s) and will formally hire interns for the summer
  • Matched students and hosts will each sign an agreement affirming their responsibilities to the LifeSci program and to each other