nfertility affects about 10% of women and unfortunately, physicians are ill-equipped to prescribe a personalized regiment for fertility treatment. Looking to tackle this issue from a data-driven perspective, Celmatix provides genetic insights that empower women and their physicians to make more informed, proactive, and personalized reproductive health decisions. The startup has already developed two proprietary products that are making a significant impact on understanding reproductive health.

AlleyWatch sat down with Dr. Piraye Yurttas Beim to discuss the company’s latest developments and learn more about its future plans.

Tell us about Celmatix.

Celmatix is a next-generation women’s health company that uses data and genetic insights to give women better, more personalized information about their reproductive health. Celmatix provides women with tools to help them make fertility decisions based on a better understanding of what is right for their own biology and goals.

Celmatix has developed two proprietary products, the Fertilome test, the world’s first multigene panel test that reveals how a woman’s DNA may impact her reproductive health, and Polaris, a real-time predictive analytics platform in use at leading fertility clinics across the U.S. that helps physicians optimize patient outcomes and improve the patient experience.

How is Celmatix different?

At a time when data science and genomics are revolutionizing the world in healthcare and beyond, women’s health has fallen vastly behind. Celmatix is leading the charge in bringing personalized and precision medicine paradigms to women’s health, starting with reproductive health. We have also grown right on the bleeding edge of the rise of biotech in New York City. This has meant breaking down barriers across the board from generating a talent pipeline, to real estate, to regulatory strategy (New York has the most stringent health-related regulatory requirements of any other state in the US).

We rose above these hurdles to develop Polaris, a revolutionary software product that has been used to counsel nearly 90,000 infertility patients and the world’s first multigene panel test for female reproductive conditions, the Fertilome test, which also became the first test of its kind to be approved by the New York State Department of Health.


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